Epanet R

epanetReader now supports EPANET-MSX and Sparklines

epanetReader v0.3.1 is now available on CRAN.  This new version has several updates and enhancements:

  • Added read.msxrpt() function to read results of multi-species water quality simulations made with EPANET-MSX
  • Added plotSparklineTable() function to generate tables of sparklines for exploratory analysis
  • Added data objects Net1 and Net1rpt in rdata format so some examples run without having to parse the text files.
  • Changed treatment of some columns of sections of .inp files from character to factor to improve summaries (e.g. Pipe Status, Valve Type)
  • Added support to read Status and Demands sections of .inp files
  • Plotting changes for simulation results: fixed bug for plotting with valves, changed aspect ratio to 1 for maps

Update to the version or install for the first time by running the following command in an R session.
> install.packages("epanetReader")