Epanet R

Analyze Water Networks using Epanet and R with epanetReader

Epanet is a popular software for water network simulation freely available from the US Environmental Protection Agency.  R is a popular and freely available environment for computing and graphics.

epanetReader is a new add-on package for R that reads Epanet files for further analysis and visualization.  As of today, epanetReader is now available through the R archive (CRAN) in addition to GitHub. For those already familiar with Epanet and R, get started by installing the package.

> install.packages("epanetReader")  
> library(epanetReader) 

Read in your favorite network file this way

 > n1 <- read.inp("Net1.inp") 

Get a quick summary of the network using the summary() function
> summary(n1)

Look at the package page on GitHub or the following help functions for further examples of package usage.
> help(read.inp)
> help(read.rpt)

If you are interested in water networks, but new to R or Epanet here are a few
resources to get started.

Feedback on the package is most welcome! Details are on the Contact page.